Topaz Bond – The Turning, continued (11)

This story begins with Topaz Bond – The Call (1).  To access installments in narrative sequence, click on an entry title, then click on “Next” at the end of that installment.


“I’ve never seen the vortex myself,” he explained, “but Yuki talked about it a few times. She said it’s the focal point of Aum. It keeps things in balance somehow, and connects the minds and spirits present in Aum with Earth. It can send your consciousness back to Earth as yourself – or wipe your memories and turn you into a different person.”

Opele cocked her head, intrigued. “Someone like who?”

“I don’t know, a baby? Or maybe your consciousness gets added to that of someone else? Yuki didn’t say, but she did say she wanted a new life. She’d had enough of herself, and wanted to start over.”

“So if she wanted to go back to Earth as someone else, how are we going to find her to stop the truce-breaker?”

“Time’s relative here. What might feel like a few hundred breaths to us could feel like thousands to someone else. And vice versa. We just have to look for her. Maybe we’ll find her, maybe we won’t. But we have to look!”

Opele shrugged and began walking forward again. After a few steps, she turned to face Abelard, who hadn’t moved. “I’ll make a deal with you.”


“I’ll tell you what it’s like to hear voices if you’ll let me ride on your back. I’ve never ridden a real live animal before, let alone… what did you call yourself? A half-and-half?”

Abelard flared his nostrils and snorted. “No deal. I’m not that curious.” He paused. “Well, maybe later. Ask me again sometime.”


Thank you for reading!  In my next installment, Opele gets frustrated – just in time for SOMETHING to happen.

Previous Aum stories include “Globe Without Goodbye” and “Masked“.

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