Placeholder, Part 2: Revenge of the Placeholder

Haloo again, reader!  My online summer course through the local community college has ended.  I received a 4.0 grade and am on my way to getting the permanent position this professional development allows.  I am both saddened and excited to announce that I did not return to my production schedule this week as I had planned to when I last posted; saddened, because I made y’all a promise on June 25th… but excited, because the reason I did not write anything is that I have been designing a new website for the Aum stories!  I have staked out the domain of, but hold your horses; there’s nothing visible there yet.  The front page of the site is almost done and it’s being hosted on a friend’s server currently.  Curious about what I’m coming up with?  My patrons on Patreon will have access to view the site as I construct it, as well as the opportunity to give input to the final product.  I haven’t decided yet as to whether or not I am going to be posting any more content on this blog before making the transition to the new site, but I will keep you informed.  Thanks for your patience.