Website work ongoing.

The hurricane didn’t affect my website dude at all, and I am very fortunate that he hasn’t found a full-time job yet down there so he has more free time on his hands than he normally would.  So he’s monkeying around with stuff. I realize I haven’t written any new Aum fiction in quite awhile and I am sorry about that.  Technically I still have some material I wrote earlier this year that I could post but I want to leave myself a little wiggle room so I’m going to hold onto it for now.  But let me just take a second to emphasize that I am still super jazzed about getting my own site with a truly customized look.  It’s awesome.

I am not sure of what I want to do with this blog after my current WordPress subscription runs out in the spring.  I don’t want to pay the fee for the wilder-dreams domain name anymore but there are a couple posts that people have linked to on music forums (specifically the review I did of Poets of the Fall’s Jealous Gods and the amateur journalism on I Fight Dragons) that still get some hits.  I would like people to be able to find those posts… but they don’t really belong on AUM = HERE, and I am pretty sure that if I were to downgrade to make this blog free, the forum links would be broken.  Plus I don’t really want most of the rest of the content I made from before the Aum posts to be up for perusal anymore.  I think I got a little too personal.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to preserve the good music posts?  If I could find a good home for them I could always leave an updated link as a follow up post in the forums that link to them…

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