The end of the transition is in sight.

There’s very little of anything useful on this blog at this point that I haven’t transferred over in some form to AUM = HERE.  Have you checked it out yet, reader?  I have no idea whether anyone is actually looking at the new site unless I am physically in the room with them.  One thing I am going to miss about WordPress, for awhile at least, are the metrics… but then I remind myself that the metrics I got on this blog generally depressed me.  I never did much to promote the work and it showed… but then I really wasn’t satisfied with what I was able to afford here.  The new site doesn’t have the bells and whistles behind the scenes that this blog did, but it feels like home in a way this site never did, and it’s currently not costing me an arm and a leg to get that feeling.  There’s a lot to be said for that.