The end of the transition is in sight.

There’s very little of anything useful on this blog at this point that I haven’t transferred over in some form to AUM = HERE.  Have you checked it out yet, reader?  I have no idea whether anyone is actually looking at the new site unless I am physically in the room with them.  One thing I am going to miss about WordPress, for awhile at least, are the metrics… but then I remind myself that the metrics I got on this blog generally depressed me.  I never did much to promote the work and it showed… but then I really wasn’t satisfied with what I was able to afford here.  The new site doesn’t have the bells and whistles behind the scenes that this blog did, but it feels like home in a way this site never did, and it’s currently not costing me an arm and a leg to get that feeling.  There’s a lot to be said for that.

Learning to administer.

Didn’t do any writing this week and realistically won’t be getting much done in the next 3 weeks before my birthday (I have some special event stuff going on that weekend I need to prep for, plus I want to sew a fall jacket to wear when I’m outside at work; the only fall jacket I have is denim and we’re not supposed to wear jeans out of concern for professionalism, I assume the same rule applies to other clothing items made of denim).  But I did make some time to confer with my website dude about what I wanted done with the blog entry aspect of AUM = HERE, and he in turn showed me some of what I could do as an admin in the backend he’s set up.  I think what we’re creating is pretty awesome, though quite basic compared to a lot of the websites that are out there.  I’m just more oriented toward text than visuals and I suspect most of my fans (assuming I build a fan base some day) will feel the same way.  Maybe we’re a dying breed, I don’t know.  I still don’t know how I am going to handle the music-related posts on this blog that I want to keep around.  I guess I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.

Website work ongoing.

The hurricane didn’t affect my website dude at all, and I am very fortunate that he hasn’t found a full-time job yet down there so he has more free time on his hands than he normally would.  So he’s monkeying around with stuff. I realize I haven’t written any new Aum fiction in quite awhile and I am sorry about that.  Technically I still have some material I wrote earlier this year that I could post but I want to leave myself a little wiggle room so I’m going to hold onto it for now.  But let me just take a second to emphasize that I am still super jazzed about getting my own site with a truly customized look.  It’s awesome.

I am not sure of what I want to do with this blog after my current WordPress subscription runs out in the spring.  I don’t want to pay the fee for the wilder-dreams domain name anymore but there are a couple posts that people have linked to on music forums (specifically the review I did of Poets of the Fall’s Jealous Gods and the amateur journalism on I Fight Dragons) that still get some hits.  I would like people to be able to find those posts… but they don’t really belong on AUM = HERE, and I am pretty sure that if I were to downgrade to make this blog free, the forum links would be broken.  Plus I don’t really want most of the rest of the content I made from before the Aum posts to be up for perusal anymore.  I think I got a little too personal.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to preserve the good music posts?  If I could find a good home for them I could always leave an updated link as a follow up post in the forums that link to them…

Still working on the website.

Let’s all think supportive and protective thoughts about my website dude, Mark.  He has recently moved to Pensacola, Florida (US… Earth… Sol system… Milky Way… Universe).  If his life is shattered by Hurricane Irma and its aftermath, he will certainly have better things to do with his time than continue to program databases for AUM = HERE to make it easier for me to post content.

In addition to thinking supportive and protective thoughts, let’s all actually provide some resources to help the situation.  I don’t have a lot of $ to spread around but I do plan on donating some blood.  It may not leave my municipality but hey, donating blood is helpful as long as one is clean of bloodborne pathogens and not anemic, right?


Migration of content continues…

Fair warning, I am not going to be putting very many more entries up on this blog.  The transition to the new website, AUM = HERE, is almost complete in terms of content.  There are still several features I want to implement re: functionality, such as searching, commenting, bonus content for Patrons that involves logging in, but at some point this month I am going to start adding more content for Topaz Bond under the “current” tab on the main site and no more will be added here.

I am kind of on the fence whether people who are not my Patrons will be able to “subscribe” (read: get emails of the new content every week) to the new site or not.  If you have been reading the Aum stories on a regular basis and would like to weigh in with an opinion about this question of subscriptions, I am open to your thoughts.

Placeholder, Part 2: Revenge of the Placeholder

Haloo again, reader!  My online summer course through the local community college has ended.  I received a 4.0 grade and am on my way to getting the permanent position this professional development allows.  I am both saddened and excited to announce that I did not return to my production schedule this week as I had planned to when I last posted; saddened, because I made y’all a promise on June 25th… but excited, because the reason I did not write anything is that I have been designing a new website for the Aum stories!  I have staked out the domain of, but hold your horses; there’s nothing visible there yet.  The front page of the site is almost done and it’s being hosted on a friend’s server currently.  Curious about what I’m coming up with?  My patrons on Patreon will have access to view the site as I construct it, as well as the opportunity to give input to the final product.  I haven’t decided yet as to whether or not I am going to be posting any more content on this blog before making the transition to the new site, but I will keep you informed.  Thanks for your patience.