Topaz Bond – The Colors (2)

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The change came instantaneously. One moment, she saw her tiny apartment made gauzy by the tears, and the next, her sight cleared to reveal an alien landscape. No sun, moon, stars, or clouds hung in the sky; its flat scarlet luminescence caressed desert dunes, their sands marbled magenta and jewel blue. She had never seen such densely unnatural colors in panorama before, and they absorbed her field of vision with no relief.

Panicked, she locked up. But nothing moved in the colorful desert; the stillness of the air smothered her.

She felt faint. What had happened? How could this be? I’ve never seen things no one else could see before, only heard the voices. This can’t be real.

Cued by this thought, a voice in her mind replied, clear as a clock chime, “Beautiful warning.”

She hadn’t heard a voice so clearly since her teenaged self had started the medications, and had never heard one with such a rich timbre. Startled, she tried to think of something else, anything else.

“Not cold. Naked,” the chiming voice continued.

Eileen looked down across her breasts with their mulberry-colored nipples to the mole on her belly and on down to her toes. How had she been unclothed?

She felt vulnerable as she looked around again. Still, nothing moved. No wind stirred the sand of the gorgeous dunes, many of which towered over her head. She heard nothing but the chiming voice as it pronounced “Sweeping free the aching bones!” The uniform crimson of the sky’s expanse stirred her soul. However she had arrived here, whatever would happen next, no harm touched her now. For a moment of shock she had even managed to forget her mother’s death, and despite managing to what Rod had said, her wonder over her circumstances dulled her grief presently.

As she acclimated to her nudity, she felt more intrigue than anything else. Though many would judge her physique as on the pudgy side of average, Eileen had worked hard in therapy to become comfortable with dwelling in her body; the longer she spent in this desert without seeing a person or even an animal round a dune, the more she felt as if it made as much sense to be naked here as it did to be naked in her own apartment. She often had shed her clothes between dinner and bedtime. Considering the lack of intruding noise like that her neighbors made going about their business, this landscape held more peace than her home.

“No hypothesis here.” This second voice sounded deeper than the first, as though it belonged to a cello.

Thank you for reading!  In my next installment, Eileen learns she is not alone in the desert.

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