Topaz Bond – The Creature (4)

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The voice warbled, throaty and off-key. She couldn’t tell the gender of the singer, but the song came from off to her right and was getting louder. She began to make out the words.

Here’s to Mason,

he’s true blue!

He’s a piss pot,

through and through.

He’s a bastard, so they say,

and he’s not going to heaven –“

Crouching down, Eileen attempted to duck behind a dune, but realized too late that the singer had not taken the path of least resistance. He or she had in fact climbed the opposite side of the dune where Eileen stood.

“- he’s going the other way!

He’s going down,

down, down, down, down!”

She knew that from the top of that dune, the singer of the ridiculous drinking song would see her, no matter where she tried to run. She looked up in fear as the singer crested the dune, and then blinked, amazed.

The left half of the creature was shaped like that of a male deer, complete with a graceful antler at the forehead, but all the proportions had been disjointed to sync that half up with the creature’s right half, which looked like that of a hippopotamus. The hippo half also had strange proportions – squashed in some places, stretched in others – so that the two halves could mesh along their axis. Eileen had never seen anything like this creature, and would never have imagined based on its appearance that it could sing. But –

“Hooray to Mason,

hooray at last!

Hooray to Mason,

he’s a horse’s –

Oh. Hello,” said the creature, acknowledging Eileen’s presence from the top of the dune.

“Hello?” queried Eileen, remaining crouched.

“I’m Abelard.” Abelard tilted his half-and-half head. “You don’t want clothes? I remember, when I had a human body, thinking it was very important to wear clothes outside.” He spoke with a strangled Australian accent.

Eileen’s face flushed, but she stayed true to her earlier resolve and did not apologize for her nudity. “Where am I?”


Thank you for reading!  In my next installment, Eileen gets some answers.

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